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Late summer, early fall it's Back to School season. The change of seasons becomes a symbol of new beginnings and learning for not just our kids, but ourselves. The struggles of being a small business and the spirit of entrepreneurship is like going back to school everyday.  Here at Lucky Snaps, we love this time of year, because each design tells a story. Storyboards are a wonderful way to express you. Select your designs to reflect the joy, happiness and great feeling of life.  Tell your story as though your always learning and going back to school.

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Born, Raised, Made in USA

When we set out to develop Lucky Snaps, we so badly wanted to make a product made in the USA. No small feat as we soon learned that it was tougher than we could image. First, we implemented a policy that all suppliers and vendors must be a USA company. We also wanted local designers for logos, packaging, and website. We hire local molding companies for plastic injection, and tested our products to be CPSC complaint with a local lab.  We're proud of our commitment to this day! While getting MADE IN THE USA certified we learned that one of our components could not be made in the USA as there were no manufacturers left in North America, which to...

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Finding Our Way Back to Our Fans - Website Update

Last November, we prepared for the holidays with excitement and high expectations. On Black Friday, we didn't see activity on the company website and it the new was unbearable.  The website had literally disappeared before our very eyes.  Three years and everything we had was gone!  In a instant! Our hosting site company turned out to be a huge disappointment and let us feeling "Bluexxxx." Just in case you're wondering who our hosting company may have been.  See we found them two years prior when we became one of many "GoDadxx" hosted sites that crashed. We even had a virtual private server to prevent history from repeating itself.  History repeated itself. So today, months later, we launch after three attempts...

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