From time to time the creative wave of happiness arrives in a dream or stepping outside to take in nature. We've just completed the third generation LUCKY SNAPS and we know you'll love them, but digressing a little.

While cleaning the workshop, we noticed the junk pile. it's the toughest when leather scraps and oddities sit to be tossed. Somehow on this day, the sunlight hit the items as though to say NO NO NO, do something great with me.  And so it began, tracing circles, measurements, and a computer with Photoshop open.  Hmmmm, what if we took the original Luck Snaps designs, enlarge then, and seal for durability and create a affordable gifting item that can last forever.....or least as long a nature and materials allow.  The result after four months of testing, the Lucky Snaps MEDALLION.  Made here in the USA, as it should be.

It's our option for non-profits, individual and groups, and promotional products.  We can produce volume which is necessary in a timely manner. We smile when we see the results, we hope you will too.  Each is individually packaged in a simple clear bag with a product card, numbering its creation by date.

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